[VIDEO BONUS] #1 Secret To Creating A MILLION Dollar Offer



Join Anik on this week’s episode and discover the #1 secret to creating a million dollar offer.


If you own or run a business, your superpower to make sure you never go broke is understanding copy & funnels. A key part of that is knowing how to create a killer offer. 


You can be the greatest copywriter in the world and you still won’t be able to sell something nobody wants.


Listen to today’s episode to discover…


  • The simple secret inspired by Mr. Rogers to help you create a killer offer…
  • The 3 lists you must create to understand what your prospect needs…
  • An example to see how to transfer your 3 lists into your copy...


Copywriters who understand how to create million-dollar offers are in high demand.

And if you’re ready to figure out how to jump create a $100 MILLION dollar offer…


Join Anik and his keynote speaker, Alex Hormozi, at Lurn’s 1st annual 2-day Copy & Funnels Summit on November 8th and 9th.


Registration is completely FREE at www.lurn.com/cfsummit.

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