How To sneakishly Target Your Competitor’s Best Customers

Rich Schefren is one of the heavyweight champions of the internet marketing world. He’s coached some of the biggest names & businesses in the industry, including multiple divisions at marketing powerhouse Agora. 

Now, he’s sharing how to use adware to “spy” on your competitors and build a targeted list for pennies.

By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know…

  • The three networks that have an inventory of pages you can track with adware...


  • How to add people to your highly targeted list for about 3 cents each...


  • The key Rich has discovered to building superior look-alike audiences on Google and Facebook...

Tune it now & discover Rich’s bonus tip on how to take advantage of YouTube’s latest algorithm changes to identify your best prospects.

Rich scored a rare TKO on this episode of The Fighting Entrepreneur

Watch now to put into action his brilliant tips for building your list. 
You can follow Rich on Facebook & YouTube by searching for Strategic Profits or go to

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