How To Build Loyalty With Facebook Groups To Grow Your Brand & Income

Yhennifer Mendes is the go-to expert for how to build brand loyalty and community with Groups.

As one of the world’s top Group managers, she’s worked directly with Facebook to build their Community Management Certification.

In this episode, she joins Anik to talk about best practices for building a group and what he should do with his Inside My Head group.

Listen now to discover:

  • Why it’s important to have a strategy and know your mission before you start your group...
  • The core issue with Facebook or any other social media platform and the single move Anik made to address it...
  • The most important things to do to build your group
  • Yhennifer’s #1 recommendation for Anik…

Check out this episode and discover the secrets to building brand loyalty & community with Facebook Groups.

You can connect with Yhennifer on Facebook by searching her name and check out her services at

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