Can Robots Really Write High Converting Copy?


As a successful copywriter and copy coach, Sean Vosler understands the nuances of writing copy and writing for different voices.

That’s why, when he stumbled on the latest copywriting software, he was skeptical if it would be even remotely useful.

Turns out, Anik Singal was too. And he was completely ignoring this new copywriting “robot” until he noticed Sean chatting about it online.
Join Anik and Sean as they discuss one of the most recent advancements in artificial intelligence for copywriting.

Are the copywriting robots coming to take our jobs?

Maybe for some inexperienced copywriters. But for most, it could be a useful tool to help write faster and generate unique insights.

Want to see how it does writing an actual live campaign?

Visit to watch Anik build a campaign from scratch, including some of it written by the copy robot.

Then, visit to register for a workshop to watch as Anik and Sean put this robot through the paces.

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